7 Best Headphones for Twitch Streamers

Streaming on Twitch isn’t always cheap. Even the most expert gamers have trouble finding streaming equipment—from powerful PC components and monitors to expensive microphones and headphones. 

If you want to become a Twitch streamer with good production value, then be prepared to spend some money.

Finding good headphones for Twitch streaming may help you play better—they aid in gameplay. You can communicate with chat and our teammates while playing games. 

Many professional steamers use a separate mic to talk, but they are very expensive. We will tell you about those headphones that have the best mic as well.

In this article, we will review the best headphones for Twitch streamers and also talk about each of their features and advantages. 

If you are short on time and want to find our best pick, read our recommendation at the bottom of our article. Let’s get into the picks!

1) Onikuma Gaming Headphones

  • Includes headset microphone
  • Affordable
  • 3.5mm jack

ONIKUMA is a popular brand that is very famous worldwide for making electronic accessories. The ONIKUMA Gaming Headphones are one of the most affordable headphones that can fit the budget of anyone who is a new or a full-time twitch streamer. 

They offer excellent comfort and features that include rotary headphones. It may be essential if you have a limited budget to get these headphones for your gaming needs.

Design and Material

These headphones are very comfortable that we can use while streaming easily. It is beautifully designed and is very lightweight so that we can use it for a long time while streaming. 

It is designed with adjustable headband and all-cover ear cups with soft memory foam, which enhances the user gaming or streaming experience.

This headphone comes with 3.5mm jack, which is compatible with many gaming machines such as PC, PS4 controller, Xbox One controller, Nintendo Switch (audio), Nintendo New 3DS. 

Noise-canceling is another fantastic feature of this headphone; due to this, we can hear the sound more crispy and clear.


This headphone is sure to justify its price, and it may be the best option for twitch streamers. Due to its lightweight, we can easily wear it while streaming. Also, this headphone comes with a long cable that makes it easier to use.

Buyers Reviews

As we told you before, ONIKUMA is a very popular company, and its products are used all over the world. Similarly, this headphone has been used by many steamers and gamers. 

If you are a new twitch streamer, then everyone recommends these headphones because it comes with new and exciting features at a normal price.


  • Comfortable
  • Fashionable 
  • Lightweight materials
  • adjustable headband


  • Big frame

2) Logitech G432 Gaming Surround

  • Affordable
  • 7.1 virtual surround sound
  • 3.5mm jack

The Logitech G430 has been around for almost five years, and despite it’s age, it’s very affordable. For many streamers, these headphones offer solid sound quality for both playing and listening to audio in real-time.

Design and Material

The Logitech G430 has been designed primarily for games, allowing users to identify the shots and footsteps of enemies, thanks to its high-quality audio reproduction and 7.1 virtual surround sound. 

It is still a wired headset fully compatible with PC and console since it has a 3.5mm jack input and USB adapter with DAC manageable from Gaming G HUB software.

It has an adaptable, simple bridge headband design and with large circumaural drivers with thick polyurethane pads. Its 6mm condenser microphone of cardioids type will also give very decent performance.


In their price range, the Logitech G430 offers the best surround sound on the market. Logitech G430 is affordable and has a fairly attractive, simple and functional design. 

The black finish of the body in combination with the blue of the cups creates a good contrast.

Buyers Reviews

Many recommend this Sony headphone due to its price and features. Some buyers say if you want something with a better design and manufacturing, you can opt for the new version, the Logitech G433, which has stain-resistant hydrophobic fabric and sports mesh pads. 


  • Value for money
  • long cable
  • Beautiful design
  • Good performance


  • Bit Heavy

3) Corsair HS50 Stereo Gaming Headphone

The Corsair HS50 Stereo headphones are another very interesting option if you want cheap gaming headphones for twitch streaming. It is built for maximum comfort and efficiency in long-term competition.

Design and Material

It has 50 mm, neodymium drivers, with a good frequency response and sensitivity of up to 111 dB. In our tests with this equipment, we were very satisfied with its performance in both audio and microphone quality. 

Without a doubt, a good option for pockets of little weight. It is an optimized unidirectional microphone that reduces ambient noise to improve voice quality and can be removed for use at any time. 


It is easy to access the controls for volume and silence in the ear to make adjustments on the fly. 

It is compatible with several platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. It’s also a durable headphone for streaming for a long time.

Buyers Reviews

Many buyers use this headphone for streaming and also recommend this headphone due to its small heads. The sound of the microphone is also very good, but its placement is somewhat uncomfortable for many buyers.


  • Premium design
  • Unidirectional Mic
  • Good performance 
  • Normal Price


  • Mic Position (some user only)

4) HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Handset

It is also one of the best headphones on this list of best headphones for twitch streamers, for its good performance and its very tight price. 

HyperX Cloud Flight wireless gaming helmets have an attractive design with easy-to-use controls. They have a black finish with small red details, are comfortable, and can be used to play or listen to music.

Design and Material

HyperX Cloud Flight offers very low latency for 20ms wireless headphones, perfect for playing or watching movies. The cups integrate a wheel to control the volume and a button to mute the microphone. 

They are not very portable, but this is not a problem since they are designed to be used at home in front of a game console. 

They also have a perfect and stable wireless range; in fact, in this sense, they perform better than many Bluetooth headphones we have tested. 

These are wireless headphones for PCs or consoles that connect via the USB receiver with computers or PS4, but unfortunately not with an Xbox One.


If you are looking for a wireless gaming headset with a good microphone and comfortable for long sessions, HyperX is a great option. They are versatile and you can use them both outdoors and indoors.

The sound quality is perfect for playing, enjoying movies or your favorite music and they also integrate a high performance battery, although they can be used wired.

Buyers Reviews

Many buyers also use this headphone and also recommend this headphone because it is one of the best wireless headphones for gaming or streaming. Many buyers also said that it is not compatible with Xbox one.


  • Good value for money 
  • Deep bass 
  • Good design


  •  Poor sound insulation.

5) SteelSeries Arctis 7 Gaming Headphone

The Arctis 7 Steelseries looks very similar to its previous models, but present some improvements in design and sound. 

The biggest difference is that the padding of the new model is thicker, and people with large ears will appreciate this. The band is also slightly more curved, which benefits users with wide heads.

Design and Material

They have an attractive and elegant design. They have an elastic band of fabric on the top of the headband. 

On the one hand, the weight that another type of material could contribute decreases. On the other, being made of fabric, it resists intense sweating. 

The elastic band can be removed, easily releasing the Velcro to wash. It is customizable and has a wide range of options.

The build quality of the Arctis 7 is quite good. The cups cover the entire ear, and the band has a sturdy metal base. The padded cups of Steel Series Artics 7 are designed to provide comfort and keep the area around the ear free of sweat. 


In the competitive world of video game headphones, we find Steel series headphones that have two characteristics that distinguish them from the rest: first, the elastic band of the headband is customizable with an immense amount of designs available. 

Secondly, its microphone provides high-quality voice capture and noise cancellation.

Buyers Reviews

Many buyers say that these gaming Artics headphones emit a good sound and also feature the equalization option through the SteelSeries Engine software. 

The surround effect achieves effective surround sound and has good directional power. They are also very comfortable thanks to their lightweight, so we place them among the best headphones for gamers or twitch streamers. 


  • Comfortable
  • surround sound
  • Solid construction. 
  • They are a classic.


  • Nothing significant

6) HyperX Cloud Gaming Headphone

If you want to become a Twitch streamer and want to get headphones that highlight the sound in the game and come with some additional features, consider the HyperX Cloud. 

It is an easy purchase for streamers who are willing to pay a little more for superior quality.

Design and Material

The HyperX Cloud has virtual 7.1 surround sound headphones and memory foam, which provide exceptional playback while comfortable. 

Combined with its surround sound features, the HyperX Cloud allows players to listen in incredible detail, bringing video games to life. 

These powerful headphones allow players to differentiate between different weapon sounds in games such as Fortnite and Overwatch. Their comfort makes them perfect for long-term use.


The HyperX Cloud Revolver is one of the most used for gamers, due to its excellent quality/price ratio. Its design is spectacular as well as comfortable since its pads are made of visco elastic material. 

Its headband is self-adjusting built-in metal for maximum durability; they are also ideal helmets for the shooter and first-person games.

Buyers Reviews

Many buyers said that HyperX Cloud headphones are really comfortable, so they can be used for hours without noticing any discomfort while playing. In addition, they offer great sound performance for a really good price.


  • Good Construction
  • Nice sound quality,
  • Customizable headband, 
  • Good microphone.


  • Nothing significant

7) SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headset

The SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless is perhaps the best gaming headphones in terms of audio quality. The SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless gaming wireless headphones enhance the appearance and sound quality.

Design and Material

The design follows the Arctis line: it has oblong-shaped cups with air cushioning. They can be used in long sessions without causing any discomfort and do not trap sweat. 

They have an elastic but resistant band that stays fixed but without causing pressure. These are the best wireless headphones to play that the company has launched.

They reproduce up to 40,000Hz and integrate HiFi transducers that produce sound with sublime details. 

Another positive point is that they do not distort at any time, even when playing strong bass at maximum volume and offer excellent virtual surround sound. 


SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless headphones are one of the best gaming headphones we’ve tested for sound quality. 

They are also attractive, very comfortable and integrate a dual battery system that allows you to play continuously. They are expensive, but their price is justified.

Buyers Reviews

Many buyers also recommend this headphone for streaming due to its design. But many users said that it is very expensive for new twitch streamers.


  • Double battery, 
  • very comfortable
  • Good audio quality


  • Not compatible with Xbox

Here’s a quick guide to finding the right set of headphones for streaming on Twitch

1. Compatibility: The first thing you should do is check if they are compatible with your computer or game console. 

If you have an Xbox One, you may have to buy the additional stereo adapter if it is not included. Those who have a PS4 will not have to worry about that detail.

2. Comfort: They should also have comfortable pads and a light headband, especially if you are going to be playing for a long time. 

It would also be appreciated if they had a good noise-canceling microphone to filter out background noise. And surround sound to better hear where the bumps come from?

3. Wireless: Another option to consider is the purchase of wireless headphones to be a little more comfortable when moving.

4. Insulation design: The physical design is quite important. Some headphones to play well designed and comfortably allow hours of gameplay without you realize just rings around your ears. 

And you’ll still be less aware of the sound the world makes outside the game. So we look for closed headband headphones, in which the microphone may or may not be removed or retracted, taking into account the weight of the headset. 

The best headphones to play our Xbox or Playstation have to be Bluetooth. If they were not, we would have to worry too much about the cable and its length.

Our Recommendation

If your budget is limited or you are a new twitch streaming that I will recommend, you buy Logitech G432 because it is totally value for money headphones for streaming. But if you have good budget than you must buy SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headset.


I hope all your doubts regarding the best headphones for twitch streamers are now cleared up and are now able to buy the best headphones for yourself if you like this article then also share it with your gamer friends.

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